Friday, June 4, 2010

Counting down to M2C relay, plus the grand premier of the M2C rap song!

In less than one week from now (6 days and 23 hours) my team will embark on the Madison to Chicago 200 relay… a 200 mile, 12 runner, 36 leg relay event spanning the distance from Madison, Wi to Chicago, Il via Milwaukee…And the good news is that as of right now it seems that despite all the bitching, moaning, and complaining our entire team is more or less healthy and ready to run (knock on wood).

Personally, I’ve been preparing by running 2-a-days every Friday for the last month (6ish miles in the morning and 5ish miles at night)… Time will tell if my training strategy will pay off but regardless I have determined one thing: I really like running 2-a-days… It turns out that even though I feel a bit more fatigued on that second run my resulting pace always turns out to be about 10 seconds faster in my evening runs even though I run at the same perceived exertion level… Admittedly, it’s kind of a moot point right now because my mileage level isn’t really high enough to warrant 2-a-days but maybe one day it will be!

But enough about me… back to the relay team! We’re all ready to go… we got the team together, we got our vans reserved, we got our legs assigned… So at this point I’m 95% confident that we’re at least going to start this race… whether or not we’ll actually finish the race is whole other question and not just because we’re egregiously undertrained… Just look at these rules!

It’s like they took a list of everything we were planning on doing during the relay and made a rule against it… especially troubling were the two rules I circled! Seriously, I even had to take out one of my favorite lines from my rap song…

We’ll be drinking and peeing and peeing and drinking
Drinking and peeing and pooping and stinking*
Of course even with the limitations set upon our team with these so called "rules" I’m sure we’ll come up with plenty of other juvenile and disturbing antics that aren’t on the list… something tells me that rules list might just be quite a bit longer next year after we’re done with this bitch!

And speaking of rap... guess what... I finally finished my rap song and figured out how to share it... For some reason I'm not 100% satisfied on how it turned out, but at a certain point you just have to say fuck it!  I'm thinking my biggest limitation (besides talent) is my 15 dollar microphone!

Despite my lack of total satisfaction with the finished product it does have it's moments (if I do say so myself)... For example, here's on one of my favorite lines:

I never false start cuz I'm packing the gun
get that Dick out of your Beardsley as we duel in the sun**
Stuff like that just can't be taught... either your born with it or your not!  But enough with the "Amuse-Bouche", let's bring on the meat... so with no further ado... The official rap song of our Madison to Chicago relay team: "From the 608 to da 312" (Madison and Chicago’s respective area codes for those of you unfamiliar with hip-hop culture)

*Actually, that line was never in the song… I just came up with that right now, on the fly! Yep, that’s the kind of rap genius you guys are dealing with…

**Believe it or not this line is in fact in the song...


  1. I especially don't like the no obscene things on the vans!!

  2. Secretly I'm really jealous of your mad rap skills.

  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAAA????? If I ever do ragnar, those two things were going to be the only things that got me through!?!?! Drinking and peeing

  4. The song was everything I had hoped it would be.

  5. Love the rap lol and man I can't wait to hear what new rules thtey create because of you guys

  6. Haha totally agree with Lauren...they are going to have to come up with some new rules next year! Awesome!

  7. you need to submit this to roc-a-fella... or someone! pure talent.

  8. I laughed so hard reading this post. You definitely have talents beyond engineering and running. Good luck in the relay!

  9. Peeing and pooping! Love the song, Are you going to have a down loadable version I can use for my marathon? lol You definitely keep running alive and fun. Thanks for not being the obnoxious serious type dude. Cheers and best wishes. Try not to break the rules.

  10. Just found your blog. I live in Madison area and hope you enjoy your time here. Good luck with everything!!Looking fwd to following your journey!