Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working hard or hardly working

Its been a whirlwind couple weeks for me… adjusting to working second shift (2:30-10:30) and the subsequent lack of sleep its resulting in, four 12 hour shifts, three day weekend on the roof, then a week full of yard work and garage cleaning by day, real work by night… and right now I’m in jury duty by day (they have laptop access!) and working by night… and all the while the laundries been piling up and the sink is always half-full of dishes… and the result: My running has been suffering!!!

it started with the roofing (all daylight hours on the roof + not trusting the drivers around my neighborhood to be attentive and sober even when it is light out = no running)… after the roofing was done I was sore!!! Working on a slant for such a long amount of time really did a number on my tendons, so I decided (after one horribly depressing and uninspired 3 mile run/walk) that I better take a few more days off.

So I took about a week off (minus the 3 miler)… so I should be refreshed right??? But actually I’m tired (from my random schedule and total lack of routine), rusty (from my lack of running), and cranky (also from my lack of running)… Turns out I’m more of endorphins addict than I though.

Plan for this week… get through jury duty, get back into training mode (at least 30 miles with a long run of at least 12), catch up on my blogging, start using daily mile… and of course have tons of fun!


  1. I understand completely. No seriously... you and I are one in the same.

  2. A rough schedule indeed. I can understand the lack of sleep thing. I don't even have a set work schedule. I go in at 3pm and I am done when I am done, resulting in rescheduling my runs continuously. ....and the people that excuse themselves from running when they are on a set schedule, I tell ya. makes you want to throw something at them for not doing anything. Here of late I have been feeling this....I hate when I have the energy to run and can't, and when I can run, not have any energy from all of the things life throws at you. I wish you the best in getting back in the groove of things man. I have been thinking about using daily mile as so many of my blogging runner friends are. And when running is suffering, so are you, I understand that. It sucks when you have to postpone a run due to lack of time or whatever. May your return into the running be pleasant. Regards.

  3. I worked on 2nd shift for a while--4pm to 12:30am. Physically I LOVED it. My social life took a major hit, but otherwise I felt fantastic... Slept till 10, hit the gym, and lounged by the pool until I had to shower and go back to work.

  4. Crickey. Good luck with all that.

    Has your prize from the virtual race arrived yet? I need to know if I need to break out a can of whoop ass on the Royal Mail service.

  5. i get sooo cranky when i don't workout (cough *run* cough). i feel ya.

    jury duty with laptop access? when i had it (3 times already and i'm only 25) we couldn't even bring our cell phone :(

  6. Sounds like you got a lot on your plate. Which is more reason to run? No? Good luck dealing the crankiness otherwsie =)

  7. Look me up on daily mile @ TheBoringRunner. I just started up with that too.

    I find that when I take a week off like that I am crazy tired and cranky too.