Friday, May 21, 2010

And just when I thought it was over...


It's the end of the week so I decided to move on and put last weeks 5k and 2k shamings behind me...  so I changed up my banner, set my sights on the future, and went for a nice relaxed 5.74* mile run.

So there I was mid-run, cruising along, jamming to my i-pod, and generally enjoying myself... I was approaching a bus stop where a lady was waiting for the bus to arrive... as I approached, the lady stepped into my path and says:

"Excuse me, do you know what time it is?"

Me: "No, Sorry"

Then she glances down at my giant brick-sized GPS watch...

Now I'm forced to try to explain on the fly how this is a GPS watch and that I don't know how to get it to actually display time of day... and of course this explanation has to take place over my shoulder in the 2.5 seconds available before I'm past her and on my way (heaven forbid I break stride)... I'm not even sure what I said to her but I do know that it probably sounded nonsensical and pathetic...

...So then I'm stuck feeling like a complete tool for the rest of my run as I contemplate about how much of an asshole she must think I am for not telling her the time even though I was wearing a giant comically sized watch!

...Other things that came to mind when I was finishing up my run...

  • Why couldn't she have asked me if I knew the exact latitude and longitude of the position she was standing instead?... 
  • I should have said: "Sorry, I don't know how to read digital watches."
  • Do you think Flava' Flave knows what time it is?
  • or I could have said "Time to get a watch!"... booya lady!

*more info on the significants of the 5.74 mile run coming soon


  1. O shit, you crack me up man. Love da pic homie. With these posts, who needs tales from the gym huh? Can't wait to read on the 5.74 mile run or was it 5.749999? Boooya!

  2. Further proof why Garmans only cause trouble. A nice inconspicuous running watch would have saved your ass, considering it's easy enough to actually tell time on it. Run and learn, I guess. Cheers!

  3. Rule #1: Never ask a runner anything when they're running.
    she's in full violation. Booya!

  4. only if Garmin could make a Flavor Flav model

  5. I'm sure she's trashing you as we speak! My favorite is that everyone always feels free to stop a runner and ask for directions. Many times, I just don't know; nor do I feel like stopping!

  6. LOL! If she was a runner, she would have understood. If she is not, who cares about her feelings?

  7. Really? Unbelievable! LOL!

  8. NICE. That is so crazy. I like the "time to get a new watch" answer

    At the risk of sounding like a "one upper", a week ago I had a guy stop me and ask me for gas money while I was on the run. GAS MONEY!!! Crazy

  9. hahaha. yeah like i have any advice to give. my garmin is doing so well for me lately.

  10. Oh man - I sooooooo understand THIS one. I have the garmin 310XT --- it does everything BUT tell time. ;)