Friday, October 16, 2009

Chapter 1: Man on a Mission

Okay… let’s start out by bringing everyone up to speed…

A little over four months ago I started training for the Chicago marathon. Because I was cocky and impatient I decided on using Hal Higdon’s Intermediate program as my training plan even though I wasn’t running anywhere near the suggested base level of 20-25 miles a week when I started (more like 6 miles a week on a good week and zero on a normal week). Despite my lack of initial conditioning I jumped right into the program and after struggling with fatigue for the first several weeks my arrogance paid off and I was able to complete my training regiment (which BTW I diligently documented on my 2009 Chicago Marathon training blog).

After 4 months of training I arrived at the marathon about as prepared as you could expect from only 4 months of training. I started off strong but wilted in the end and was unable to reach my goal time. Although I completed the distance (primary goal) and ran the whole way (secondary goal) the race ultimately left me unsatisfied. I had valiantly battled the monster that is 26.2 but in the end the monster had won.

…Fast forward to now…

I knew when I started training for the marathon that I was starting on a journey. Over the course of the journey I’ve learned a lot; a lot about the sport, about training, and about discipline and determination. I’ve learned something about the virtues of patience and I was taught a lesson in humility.

What I didn’t know when I started my training is that the journey doesn’t end at the marathon; at least it doesn’t have to. I’ve learned a lot about myself but I haven’t yet reached my limits. The marathon left me hungry for more. I knew when I crossed that finish line that I must continue my journey and continue my learning. I must aspire for more! I must fulfill my destiny and become a champion!


  1. I like your attitude. You remind me of myself when I started training - I tried to jump into things way too fast and too hard, and wound up exhausting myself. Currently I'm taking it slowly and building up. The payoff is showing already, and it's a great feeling. Chicago 2010 is my goal - good luck with all of yours :)

  2. Great Post man! Me too, tried to go too far too fast. As a result I burned out of running like a candle losing flame. The most important thing however: I learned from it. I started from scratch about a month and a half ago and am doing great now. Thanks for the article. Your blog is awesome, and keep it up.