Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Walk of shame

After my successful 3 miler on the treadmill I decided it was time to take this show on the road.

Its starting to get a bit chilly but its not bad enough that the gym presents the better option plus I was excited to get in my first real run since my marathon.

I wanted to look my best so I geared up in my black striped adidas pants and hooded sweatshirt. Then I laced up my kicks, strapped my i-pod to my arm and queued up some hip tuneage... Before I heading out I did a quick pirouette in front of the mirror... 3 words: fitness jogger sheik!

I stepped out the door and I was off. Like a gazelle I glided effortlessly; feet kissing the pavement with each elegant stride. I floated like a free spirit. About 1 mile into the run I looked down at my Garmin: 7:30 pace... and it felt like a slow jog! I had planned on doing 3 miles but this felt amazing... maybe I'd do 4 or maybe even 5?

About a half mile later I felt it. The tightening of the knee. It gripped my leg and I had to stop. I walked a few feet, did a few stretches, and I felt better. I started to stride again... 5 steps later and the leg locks up again. No dice. I spend my next half mile run walking till I finally concede to the fact that it just isn't going to happen today.

As if on queue the slow drizzle of rain starts... Perfect, looks like I'm gonna have to walk my pathetic ass home in the rain. I pull up my hood and hang my head as I start my walk of shame. The cars speed by me as I slowly amble down the sidewalk. I imagine each driver looking at me in my jogging gear and I-pod and thinking "Guess that guy bit of more than he could chew, ehh?... must of fancied himself some kind of athlete."

As I walk another runner passes me going the opposite direction. I turn my head from his judgmental stare. Finally I'm home. Out of the cold, the rain, and the shame.

I guess I was a little premature about my leg feeling better... looks like I'm sticking to the treadmill and exercise bike for a while. You can't get stranded on a treadmill.

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