Friday, October 30, 2009

Too hot to handle!!!

This picture just about epitomizes my last week of work outs at the gym... Embarrassing (em-bare-assing), grueling, and just a wee bit homo-erotic. Judging by Lance's facial expression I'm guessing that bike has a banana seat...

Seriously though... being injured sucks. And coming back from injury hasn't been easy. In spite of my bitching and whining though I really shouldn't complain. The upside of my workouts really aren't that bad. In fact I'm starting to get fired up like a dog that ate gunpowder...

I still managed to squeeze in 11 miles of running this week... yesterday I tried a new strategy of running a mile, riding the bike 20 minutes, running another mile, riding the bike 20 more minutes and then running one more mile and it seemed to work ok... Then today I ran 3 miles non-stop on the treadmill increasing the incline by 1 level after each mile so that I was working slightly different muscle groups. This seemed to work as well although as I started my fourth mile I could tell that the pain was coming so I decided to stop pushing my luck before it caught up to me.

On top of the running I've been spending about 30+ minutes a day on the exercise bike and another 30 minutes a day in the weight room. Hitting the abs like never before; I think I might even be developing a six pack somewhere underneath my beer belly.

I've also been stretching like a mad man... hitting every position, angle, leg muscle, and tendon... I'm on that Van Dam shit!!!

So while my running my be suffering, hopefully my overall fitness is improving, and when I finally come back I'm gonna come back leaner, meaner, and a whole lot sexier...

Just try to tell me that ain't hot!!! Word out!

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