Monday, July 12, 2010

Marathon Monday (3 months left addition)

Lucky number 13 weeks left... I hope I can take it!

Running the razors edge…

One of the most difficult aspects while marathon training is finding just the right recipe of hard work and recovery… Train too hard and you’ll find yourself hobbling across the starting line, injured and over-trained. Don’t train enough and you’ll find yourself hobbling across the finish line, injured and under-trained. Somewhere between these two extremes lies the delicate balance that will deliver you to race day with a strong and sound body capable of reaching your current potential.
I try to “listen to my body”… it’s just that often I find myself telling my body to “Shut the F*ck up!!!”… which brings me to my predicament now: I’m 13 weeks out from my marathon, I still have the majority of my training ahead of me, and my body is already starting to feel like certain key muscles, ligaments, and tendons are being held together by duct tape… I have some very mild plantar fasciitis in my right foot, a dull pain in my right quadriceps, and a knotty left calf…
The good news is that all of my various aches and pains… hopefully nothing a couple of days off will fix… which is why I don’t feel guilty (okay, maybe a little bit guilty) when I tell you that after finishing up my 17 mile long run on Saturday, I decided to take Sunday and Monday completely off… hopefully my body will thank me tomorrow as I head out for a 10 miler.
Training update

Lots of slow, suffering, shuffling, 90+ degree miles…started off Tuesday with a 10 miler, then recovered with 4 on Wednesday before tackling a 7 miler on Thurday which included 6Xhills in the middle.  Took Friday off, and then ran my long run of 17 miles on Saturday before another day off Sunday. 

So that's four runs and three days off... more than I usually take but with the heat and my beat up body I'm still happy to get almost 40 miles in.
Chicago 2009 training comparison flashback

Week 5 stats (2010)                                                      Week 5 stats (2009)
38.11 miles                                                                    26.52 mile
8:27 average pace                                                          7:50 average pace
long run - 17 miles                                                          long run - 13.1 miles (Joker's Wild - half marathon)

Just over a year ago I ran my first half-marathon!

Look into my crystal ball

First 50+ week planned for this week... hopefully the extra days off last week will help me meet my target this week!


  1. Yeah, it's a fine line and you seem to walking it pretty well actually. It's weird how aches and pains will appear and go away during one run, let alone one week. I hope the PF stays mild!

  2. I think you're doing right by your body. No need to push the mileage with the bulk of your training to come. A caveat to your opening sentence though is that you'd much rather be 10% undertrained than 1% overtrained.

    13 weeks huh? Oh boy, better get my act together!

  3. Wow those are some crazy miles!

  4. You rocked a homonym in your blog title, but I was unable to decipher the hidden meaning.

    Those 3 days off totally set you up for your 50+ week. Enjoy it!

  5. Sounds like the extra day off is what you needed for your upcoming 50+ week...that number sounds crazy to me at this point!! Have a great training week!

  6. Damnit. Iron Mike beat me to it.

  7. awesome miles.

    Listening to body is KEY!!!!!!

  8. Very important to tune into your body. Once you get the language translated, please share. I am not fluent in body language. Not a bad week at all with all te rest and still almost 40mi!

  9. Good Training! I will see you in Chi-Town in the fall! As far as the Plantar goes, I heard the best remedy is to never go barefoot (or wear really flat shoes). I have struggled with foot pain in my right side; I stopped going barefoot and things are much better. For summer, I love my Spenco flip-flops! I also wear an insert for my arch in my right shoe. So far, so good. Keep it up!

  10. Nothing wrong at ALL with two rest days in a row. rest does a body good.

    I had a strange case of PF the other day in my foot - but I think it may have been a fluke because it hasn't came back since - so far. *fingers crossed*