Saturday, July 3, 2010

Race Packet 1up

This quick post is dedicated to Anabela Neves from "It's Life, Max It Out" who recently wrote a race report on the Tim Horton's Peachbud 10k in which she ranted about the contents of the race kit she received...  more specifically she said that she was:
"disappointed in the actually race kit......It was a reusable bag, a magazine and yes there was also a yard waste paper bag... And the magazine is actually a magazine about triathlon......why would I want that! This was a 1K, a 5K and a 10K race."
I suppose she has a point about the magazine thing... then again, I suppose that at least some of the runners also probably participate in triathlons so the magazine was at least close to reaching the right demographic...

I reference this because I picked up a race packet today for the "Firecracker 5K" that I'll be running tomorrow in downtown Peoria, and I also was a little bit surprised by the magazine contents of my race packet...  Check it out:

Like Anabela, I'm a little confused why I would want the self proclaimed "world's largest gun sales publication!"...
But then I remembered that it was a 4th of July race... so I figured what better way to honor our countries independence then to celebrate our 2nd amendment rights by carelessly firing semi-automatic rifles into the air?!?

Oh Well, HAVE A HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!


  1. Too freakin funny! Most random thing ever.

  2. Wowww I'm not sure what to say. Is that last pic real or photoshopped???

  3. That magazine choice is a bit weird! Fireworks World, I'd understand, but Shotgun News? :)

  4. This was so funny! Enjoy your reading. :-)

  5. bahahahaha!! Nothing says America like firing guns in the air :D

  6. I am figuring out that the whole magazine thing is just a promo of certain magazines that what some business, so they bunch up and go to these races and give out millions or whatever in hopes that some one will subscribe I guess. But you probably already knew that, and I am just a ranting moron. Is that the automatic 12 gauge? That thing is awesome. Stunning view there too. And Dr. Phil is meant for you if you want it to be. lol. I need his help too on my diet. Thanks to your list a week or two ago, I have been on it. lol. Take care man.

  7. Is it wrong that I was slightly turned on by the Sarah pic?

    Hope you had a great race at Firecracker 5K and Happy 4th of July!

    I like Meb but it would be great if you beat him at Bix 7! I'm rooting for you!