Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clean Slate Revisited... Goals for 2010

When I mentioned that I wanted to start 2010 with a "clean slate" in my previous post I meant it metaphorically. Today as I wake up with sore quads and hamstrings from the easy 3-miler I put in yesterday I'm wondering if it was more of a self-fulfilling prophesy? 2 weeks off and now 3 easy miles makes me sore??? Really?!? Come on body!

In spite of my soreness I'm still optimistic for 2010. 2009 was my awakening as a runner. 2010 I will begin my rise to greatness!!!

It all begins with goals. Most people begin the New Years with a New Year's resolution... usually it amounts to some kind of lifestyle change, breaking of some bad habit, or a commitment to try something new. Now that I'm a runner I'm glad to know that I no longer need to make a resolution. I'm already resolved! Instead I set goals for the New Years.

Now I realize that New Year's resolutions and New Year's goals seem like pretty much the same thing. However, to me there is a subtle difference. New Year's resolutions seem to typically consist of some paramount change of body and soul (usually something that is destined for early February failure). As a runner, New Year's goals are made to focus the efforts that I am already committed to. No matter what I'm going to continue and run and exercise this year. The goals just help define the "Why?". They'll also help to push me out the door on those days when the bed is feeling particularly snugglely and the pillow is feeling particularly soft. They'll push me to venture onto the track instead of the road, and to squeeze out an extra 400 meter repeat. They'll push me from conventional weekend warrior to running greatness!

So without further ado... EZEthan's goals for 2010.

1. Break 20 min in the 5k... Currently my 5k PR is 22:11 from the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure last May. However, I'm pretty sure I've run consistently faster than that in Tempo runs during last years marathon training. Shaving 2+ minutes off my 5k PR may seem ambitious but I feel that it's realistic. Hopefully my feelings are in line with reality.

2. Break 1:35:00 in the half-marathon... Current half marathon PR is 1:39:29. However, this was run on an extremely difficult course (the race was advertised as the toughest half-marathon in Illinois)... My next half will be on am extremely flat course. Also the race is May 1st so I would expect decent weather conditions.

3. Break 3:20 in the 2010 Chicago Marathon... Four solid months of training got me to 3:39:34 this year. Hopefully 1 year and 4 months of training, actually having a running base, and previous experience will help me shave 20 minutes off that. I'd like to say I could qualify for Boston this year but I'd like to keep the goals realistic... I still got 9+ months of training ahead of me so plenty of time to revise this one.

4. Join a local running group... Namely the Illinois Valley Striders. My transformation into a runner started in my own mind. I then ventured out into the blogging community. The next step is to announce my presence on a local level. I'm ready to get more involved. Maybe work some races. Hopefully make some running buddies and do some group runs.

5. Donate to charity through running... The Emerging Runner had a great idea to "Pledge your own race miles in 2010" . I plan to follow his lead. I'll pledge 2 dollars for every kilometer raced in 2010 with a bonus dollar per kilometer for every PR achieved.

6. Hit the track... With only four months to train for my marathon last year I decided to avoid speedwork for the most part. I did a few fartleks and the occasion hill sprint during some of my tempo workouts but for the most part stuck to building endurance. Now that I'm in better condition I think its time for some real speedwork! Soon as the snow melts and the spring birds start chirpin' I'm hittin the track!

And Finally...

7. Have loads of fun... Definitely needed to shout out to Kenley over at Essence of Running who reminds us that despite of how serious and focused we can get about the sport that we're all pretty much running for recreation and that we should remember to enjoy ourselves (even when we're puking on the track after that last 400?).

So there you have it... goals for 2010. Have a great year everyone and let's hope that we can all achieve!


  1. This is a great post! I am right there with you, I don't make resolutions I make GOALS!

    Don't let the 3 miler fool you, you were just knocking out the cobwebs!

    Good luck with everything! I can't wait to read how you dominated these goals and then some!

  2. great list of goals! i agree as well, i do goals - not resolutions. to me goals are more defined and, like you said, further improvement on the things we already do. good luck tackling these goals!

  3. Wow man. I don't know how I missed this post. I need to pay more attention. Shame on me. Great Goals. As far as your times, I dream of being twice as fast some day. I really need some help with this whole building a base thing. Sometimes, I don't know where to begin, as I am not training for anything now. Just doing some snow running. I have a long road ahead of me I guess. Your Number 7 is my 5 and 6. lol. I wonder if it will some one else's 8? lol. THanks for the shout out. You have been with me since day one back in October I believe and we have stuck together. Im gonna need some motivation from you man. This week Im gonna get back inside on the mill if the weather sucks. Time for some MILEAGE> Again, great goals. Have a good one!

  4. This reminds me that I'm woefully behind in posting my 2010 goals. Good job with yours. Hope the new shoes work well for you.