Monday, January 25, 2010

Low mileage is better than no mileage

I've been a bad runner lately... 43 miles ran so far this month and averaging about 3 times a week. And despite the low milage my legs are feeling pretty battered. Still I'm not too disappointed. After all, low mileage is better than no mileage. If I can just keep it going a little while longer I'm confident that my enthusiasm will return as the weather begins to become more accommodating.

Not only have I been a bad runner, but I've been a even worse blogger! It's funny how 50 hours of employment can really cut into what previously felt like limitless free time. On top of that I have yet to get a computer at work which makes it extremely difficult to accomplish my job and nearly impossible to spend all day screwing around on the internet read and write blogs. And then, when I finally get home, there's my wife also returning from work and for some reason she doesn't appreciate it when I head directly to the computer and start blogging (especially if I just spent an hour at the gym running). She says that she "wants to spend time with me" because she "loves me"... Sheesh, the things I have to put up with!

But enough excuses. Bottom line is that I need to start adjusting my schedule. I need to make more time for running. After all my first race of the year is coming up in less than 2 months and I'm hankerin' for a PR.


  1. What is a bad runner? Not you.
    A Bad runner would give up and not run at all. Just reducing your mileage does not mean anything. You have to do what you must. Its great you have a wife that wants to spend time with you. As far as my wife, we are not velcroed together so we operate according to our own. That is what planned dates are for right? Good luck with your training. Take care.

  2. You're still running so therefor you are not being a bad runner. A bad runner would be if you weren't running at all. Low mileage is better than none, I tell myself this when I have bad weeks too.

  3. lol. i find your sarcasm humorous, i hope that's how it's intended!

    i have been working 50's since last march or april, i can't even remember. it is tough to get much else done AND remain sane. don't worry about putting too much on your plate, focus on what is important to you!