Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Final Weigh-in of the Weight Loss Challenge

Last night I went in for my final weigh-in... 6 weeks of hardcore dieting, excessive exercising. 1 week of eliminating all sodium from my diet. 1 day of hardcore working out in two layers of gym pants and 3 layers of sweatshirts... and it all came down to this :

Week 0 (Nov 2nd): 179.4 lbs, 22.4% body fat, 30 BMI
Week 1 (Nov 9th): 173.6 lbs, 20.2% body fat, 28.9 BMI
Week 2 (Nov 16th): 168.8 lbs, 18% body fat, 27.3 BMI
Week 3 (Nov 23rd): 167.7 lbs, 16.6% body fat, 27.1 BMI
Week 4 (Nov 30th): 166.1 lbs, 16.9% body fat, 26.8 BMI
Week 5 (Dec 7th): 162.9 lbs, 19.8% body fat, 26.3 BMI

Week 6 (Dec 14th): 157.4 lbs, 15.4% body fat, 25.4 BMI

A total weight loss of 12.25%. All in all not bad, but still not enough to win the 500 dollars. Turns out someone had dropped over 40 lbs for an over 20% weight loss. Analyzing my strategy I'm pretty sure i could have squeezed in another 5 or 6 pounds in by adding a little more weight on the initial weigh-in and losing a few more pounds during the 6 weeks, but it still wouldn't have been enough to win.

Also, just to make sure everyone is clear, I didn't actually lose 22 lbs of body weight in 6 weeks. Because first off I "gained" 6-8 pounds on the day of the initial weigh-in by drinking several pounds of water and eating several pounds of food. I Also sweated off an additional 4-6 pounds on the final day of the weigh in... so all in all I lost more like 10-12 lbs during the 6 weeks which is actually a lot more reasonable in terms of healthy weight loss.

I'm a little disappointed I didn't win, but I'm pretty happy about losing the weight. Hopefully I can continue to lose weight over the next couple months. I'm weighing in at around 161 as of this morning, but I'd like to get that down by spring for the sake of my running speed. Judging my before and after shot I'd think I could probably stand to lose another 10 pounds before I get to true running sleekness.


  1. Congrats!!! You look great! Thanks for clarifying how you started and ended by totally cheating!!!! LOL! :) J/K

  2. yeah... I'll be the first to admit that I kinda cheated... on the other-hand it's the same tactics that they use on "The Biggest Loser" tv show... water-weight manipulation is a hugh part of the show, especially when it comes to managing weight-loss on the weeks that contestants have immunity...

  3. haha... thanks... I got a little ways to go, but it's coming along.

  4. cheater!! :) still, even with the cheating factored in you still did well! too bad about missing out on the prize, but the results are still nice to see!

  5. Nice Job EZEthan. I dont know about the whole no sodium thing and what not, but great job on your loss. Keep it up. Have fun now.

  6. Wait a minute - by losing the weight and living a more healthy lifestyle you did win! And you've unlocked the secret to the Biggest Loser....