Monday, December 14, 2009

Nature pic of the month

Totally brief and non-run/exercise related... but I just couldn't resist showing off some of the truly stunning nature photography I captured last night...

just for clarification sake that's my spayed female dog doing the nasty with my spayed female cat... oh man, the fun just doesn't stop around here.

In other news I stepped on the scale at around 162.5 this morning... final weigh-in for the weight loss challenge is tonight. I have all day to sweat off all the extra weight I possibly can (without putting myself into a coma at my wife's request).


  1. Ahhh what magic occurs at your place! So glad you a camera ready for the girl on girl action. Dude, you gotta post that to youtube. (Too fratty? Sorry, couldn't help myself).

    I hope you are the biggest loser ever! (But I am with your wife, don't knock yourself out.)

  2. you are a camera freak. What a moment caught on the camera. lol. Good luck with your weigh in. Have a good one.