Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tales from the Gym (part 2)

Chapter 2: El Gordo the Fat Trainer

Here follows the second installment of my multiple part "Tales from the Gym"... in my previous entry I discussed my thoughts on the rather liberal nature that some of the older gentleman display themselves in the locker room... (As an addendum to that post I would like to add that they have now taken up dehumidifying their post shower neither-regions with the hair dryers that are conveniently located right next to the locker room scale which I occasionally like to use)...

In this follow up post I would like to change topics and present you with the tale of one of my favorite employees at the gym...

At my gym there is a personal trainer who I call El Gordo (The Fat Man). I call him this because he is obese. Now I don't want to sound fat bias. I've struggled with my own weight from time to time and I can only admire and commend the overweight people at my gym who are working hard to improve their physical condition. That being said, I have to draw the line at fat personal trainer.

How are you supposed to listen to fitness advice from someone who doesn't even follow it himself? Case in point, he is the guy who is in charge of running the weekly weigh-ins and during one of the weigh-ins he was eating a plate of chicken nuggets and fried rice... I mean seriously man? You're eating fried food at a gym while you're supposed to be overseeing a group of people who are participating in a challenge about losing weight?

But what's worse than his obesity is his attitude. I might be able to overlook his portly nature if he brought something else to the table (besides deep fried twinkies, shame on you Good Morning America) but the guy also happens to be the most annoying guy at the gym. He's always goofing around with the patrons, loudly telling inappropriate stories, sitting around on the machines, and stepping out onto the indoor track and conversing with his buddies while people are trying to run. Come on... if anyone should know better it should be a gym employee!

And on a personal note, this is the same guy who keeps telling me I'm overweight because my BMI is over 25, and believes that my body-fat percentage jumped from 16% to 19% in one week even though I lost 4 pounds over that time.

So listen up boys and girls... if you're at the gym running on the treadmill or laying on the benchpress and you here creaking floor boards and a loud and jolly laugh (did I mention he has a really loud and annoying laugh which is nearly constantly erupting from his fat face) you may be in the presents of El Gordo... Be afraid... Be very afraid!!!


  1. I'm with you! I've seen more overweight trainers than fit ones in my lifetime. I always wondered how that worked...did they get into training while they were overweight? If so, why didn't their training help? Alternatively, did they gain weight AFTER they started their training careers? If so...well, if so, then what the hell man? It's a total chicken or the egg situation...wild stuff.

  2. Ben.. lol on the chicken or the egg thing... I'm reading this guy as an ex-high school football lineman who's metabolism is catching up with him...

    ...btw, I'm not trying to come across as callus and really I don't think you have to have a chiseled physique to be a trainer, and I could even understand how having a trainer who wasn't in complete shape could be less intimidating to some people who are just starting to get in shape... I mean I watch the biggest loser and those people are extremely inspiring. even the ones who don't wind up super-thin are still great role-models for what handwork, healthy eating, and fitness can do for your life...

    ...but this guy is really just a supreme jerk who doesn't know a damn thing about training, fitness, or healthy lifestyle and basically just struts around the gym acting obnoxious while some of us are actually trying to work out!

  3. Oh man, that was a great post. Tales from the GYm. lol. Elgordo the fat trainer. Yeah, the gym I go to has over weight people working there. Now, I go there for my own self. BUT, I honestly think that ANY gym worth anything should hire FIT people. I mean, what kind of sign does it give when you go to a gym and an overweight guy is telling someone else how to work out. Its like one blind person telling another blind person what something looks like. Well, I enjoyed this post. I have some tales from the gym Ill fill you in later. You see some funny crap there! Take care!