Friday, February 19, 2010

Adding Insult to Injury

I got my finally got my Chicago Marathon official results program in the mail. Kinda a cool bonus because I wasn’t expecting it . Of course when you drop 125 dollars on a race (and BTW it’s 135 dollars this year) I suppose you should get something besides a nice medal and the pain and agony of running 26.2 miles.

Anyway, I was excited to have it… that was until I opened it and started reading the highlighted runners sections. I guess the people putting together the program decided to get some background information on some of the more interesting or unique participants who ran the marathon last year, which is why they chose this guy:

I guess this guy was training 100 miles a week in preparation for Chicago but then got hurt in the last month so decided to run for fun instead wearing a grim reaper costume… ha ha very funny….

Only problem was his finishing time was 3:35:00… meanwhile my finishing time was 3:39:34… now let me also mention at this point that my goal time was 3:30 and I was right on pace up to the 20 mile mark when I hit the wall… so combine all these facts and what do you get???

Me, shuffling along (basically on death's doorstep) somewhere around the 24 mile marker as an asshole in a full grim reaper costume runs effortlessly past me.

Guess he figured that if he couldn’t run his best race because of his injury he might as well make other people feel miserable about their race as well.


  1. lol. i hate the people who run so effortlessly and are better than me :) this anorexic chick passed me in a race this morning just chatting away running low-7:00's if not faster... stupid chick. :)


  2. Very funny dude! I say you should chase him down this year...haha! If you don't do it, I will!

    Don't get fast people who run in costumes. Seriously? Are they just trying to mock me?