Friday, February 26, 2010

Wrapping up my "vacation"

Next week I get serious... I go "on the grid". I start training 4 real!

This means I start following my plan as best as I can. No more unscheduled days off. No more cutting runs short. No more whining! (yeah right... I'm a whiny baby, especially when I start upping the mileage... just ask my wife!!!)

This means I got to take it off the treadmill and onto the streets. Time to re-introduce myself to the pavement(I'm guessing it's still there, somewhere under the piles of ice and snow). Its time to remember what a hill is and how much I love running up them (I do love running up hills right? I remember I either really like it or really hate it... one of the two anyway)...

But for now I'm still on winter "vacation" so this week I made sure I took full advantage. So far this week I've ran every other day starting with Monday off and I got to tell you I feel pretty good. My legs are rested and I'm feeling spry! So I say bring on the next 7+ months of hardcore marathon training. This champion is ready to rise!!!


  1. Allright Champion! You shall rise up again from the heeps of dust. Yes the pavement is still there somewhere. Just remember, its better to get in a decent treadmill run, than step onto ice and fall and crack your hip. THen what?........ Take care, and best wishes in your next 7 months of HARD CORE training.

  2. Make sure your mpe player or Ipod is all set with some kickass running songs, unless you run music free, then never mind! Glad your legs are well rested, and your attitude's great, so you'll kick assphault on the hills. What marathon are you running, Chicago??

  3. wait, when 'in training' you're not supposed to take extra days off?

    ...oops? :)

    enjoy the end of 'vacation' and prepare to get your butt whooped, by yourself!

  4. Back "on the grid" huh? Okay.
    Just show us the updated version next week =P

    Have fun finding the pavement. I swear it's down there...somewhere...