Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One goal down...

Big news today... It's my b-day! The big 31... I've been running about a year now and I gotta say, I feel a lot better (physically and mentally) turning 31 than I did when I turned 30.

So as a present to myself I decided to finally dole out the 15 bucks and complete the first (and easiest) of my 7 goals for 2010 ... namely: Join a local running group... I am now officially a member of the Illinois Valley Striders.

Now to be completely honest, joining the IVS by paying 15 bucks on-line over at GetMeRegistered.com does not really capture my intentions for joining a local running group. Sure, I'm pleased that I am able to contribute some money to support local running, but my true goal is to become socially involved in the local running scene... maybe make some even make some training buddies?!?

Nevertheless, paying the 15 bucks to become a member was the first big step... the following step will be to become involved with the local group... hopefully, I'll pursue this step in the near future... if not there's always next years goals!


  1. Happy Birthday and congrats to becoming part of the team! :) I hope you have a fab day Ethan!!! Cheers to 31!

  2. Happy Birthday - you should reward yourself with a "Beer Run"

  3. As great as "Beer Run's" sound (after all it does combine two of my passions) they live up to expectations.... Usually quality of the run is affected by the alchohol consumption and the ability to consume alchohol is affected by the running.

    Therefore I'm ran this morning, and I'm drinking beer tonight!

  4. "30" killed me, so as you know 31 is fun! Happy Birthday and congrats on joining a running group. By the way, wait until you turn the big 5-0!

  5. happy belated birthday! now that you've paid up get your butt out to some group runs!

    you "cajirr"

  6. Happy belated b-day! I hope you've gotten involved and made a few friends by now!