Tuesday, February 2, 2010

oops I did it again...

lately I've been feeling like my running has really been lacking. my mileage and my motivation has been down. my aches and pains have been up (my hamstring and achilles tendon in my right foot have been hollerin' at me when I use them to control the gas pedel as I drive to work of all things)... I've been trying to figure out where it all went wrong, so I took a look of my running journal for a month to month analysis:

April 2009: 45 miles
May 2009: 60 miles
June 2009: 102 miles
July 2009: 140 miles
August 2009: 179 miles
September 2009: 180 mile
October 2009: 75 miles
November 2009: 75 miles
December 2009: 45 miles
January 2010: 58 miles

So there you have it... I've guess the usual rule of thumb for mileage increases is the 10% rule (add 10% of your previous weeks mileage to this weeks mileage). This whole time I've been blaming my marathon for gimping me up but now I'm thinking the marathon was just the breaking point following a long series of haphazardous overtraining...

So now that I'm starting to see the big picture what did I decide to do???

Sign up for the 2010 Chicago marathon of course! I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

At least this time I won't be starting from scratch so the mileage jumps won't be so sudden and shocking to my system... of course I could always up my mileage even more...


  1. Glad you looked into the pattern and learning from your mistakes...


    I think I will be revisiting Chicago myself.... :)

  2. Haphazard training, from what I hear, can cause injury and burnout. At least now, you have a solid base. I look forward to hearing more about the running after you correct your running cycle. Best wishes in training for the CM.

  3. hahaha. "i'm feeling kind of down, not sure what's going on, probably from running, my legs are tired and sore.... i'll sign up for another marathon!"

    you sound just like me :) exciting news! now don't fall off the boat ;)

  4. I read your joke on B.O.B's blog and had to message you! Made me chuckle! Great blog!