Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh what a night!

Man I had a great workout last night! It was awesome!!! I was super-motivated and now I'm even more super-pumped to tell you about it, but first... I know I must sound like a broken record right now, record right now, but I’m beginning to think this winter just isn’t going to let up! It was 2 friggin’ degrees today when I left the house to go to work (and for my huge European fan base let me just note that I’m not talking Celsius either). I checked the 10 day forcast on like I do everyday, and it’s not supposed to get above freezing until 10 days from now (10 days from now they’re predicting it’s going to be 33!)… Of course that brings me to another gripe:

As I said I check the 10 day forcast everyday, and everyday for the last week they’ve been telling me it’s going to be 33 degrees (read 1 degree above freezing) 10 days from now… it’s like some kind of carrot on a ten day stick! Only thing is 33 degrees isn’t even that great of a carrot… it’s more like a turd painted orange (similar to whatever that thing is standing in the doorway in the picture above, except painted orange).

In the end I ultimately have no choice but to keep hitting the treadmill day in and day out until Punxsutawney Phil finally decides to give us all a break. Problem is my first race of the season (the Shamrock Shuffle) is less than 6 weeks away and I’d really like to get in some real training!

At this point I guess it’s at least worth mentioning that last years Shamrock Shuffle was held in 30 degrees temperatures mixed with a healthy dose of sleet. When I finished the race I was freezing and my shoes were soaking wet, which ultimately resulted in some sort of foot tendon strain that laid me up for about a month… With that in mind, maybe running outside in the 2 degree temps and a foot of snow is exactly the training conditions I need to prepare for this race. Nevertheless, running can be uncomfortable enough and I refuse to subject myself to any additional suffering from such horridly untorrid conditions.

Anyway, this entire rant was meant to be a prelude into a post about how I overcame the weather conditions and still managed to crank-out an awesome (albeit treadmilled) 5 mile speed session last night. However, I think I pretty much used up my daily word quota (as well as most of my lunch break) bitching about the weather again, so I guess I’ll have to save the positive self-empowering workout report for another day (possible 10 days from now)…


  1. LOL! Stay warm and I will continue to keep my fingers crossed that all my northerners get a reprieve soon!

  2. i didn't know you were on a quota. glad you had a good 5 miler on the 'mill. these temps (and all the snow) are definitely sucking big time.


  3. Oh what a Night indeed. Like the analogy about the turd painted orange. Your posts always get my attention. lol. Glad you had a great workout and yes, this weather sucks!