Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shamrock Shuffle aftermath and what's up next...

Shamrock Shuffle finally posted my results... chip time 32:23... which puts me in 501st place... lol... funny thing was that I probably could have kicked past a couple of people at the end of the race but consciously decided that there was no good reason to put forth that little bit of extra effort. I was thinking that in a race with a 36,000 people field it couldn't possibly matter if I end up ahead or behind 1 or 2 of them... If I could have passed just one more person I could have been in the top 500 (for whatever arbitrary value that's worth) ... oh well, now I have a goal for next year... plus it serves me right for being such a whiny pussy at the end of the race!!!

(and speaking of whiny pussy)... man my calves hurt... I would think that after putting in nearly 1000 miles over the last 12 months the muscle soreness I'm feeling right now would be a thing of the past... I guess that just goes to show that it takes a lot more muscle force to propel my body at a 6:30 pace as opposed to my usual 8:00ish training pace (Meow).
Ok, so now that my racing season has officially started what's next??? The Illinois half-marathon, that's what!!! And what better way to both prepare for running the Illinois half-marathon and celebrate the University of Illinois Men's basketball team's advancement to the not-so-ELITE 8 of the NIT than buying a brand new pair of customized NIKE LUNAR-ELITE's...

That's right... I'm going to be stylin these bad boyz out all the way to the Chicago Marathon Corral B with a sub-1:36 half-marathon PR...


  1. At least now I know how to find you when I'm out there spectating!

  2. First off, cool shoes man. About the whining part, you are not whining or being a pussy. Being a runner is constantly thinking about numbers, numbers, numbers. Great Job again on your Shamrock Shuffle dude. Take care and best wishes on your training for the half. My first half is in September so I have plenty of time to build my base (up to 11 miles now) and then train.

  3. word verification - prifty - what is that? being a shifty prick? lol