Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 goals revisited... plus March stat update!

As March comes to a close its time to do some end of the month blogger paper work.

At the beginning of the year I posted my goals for 2010... now that 2010 is 25% done let's see how I'm doing...


1. Break 20 min in the 5k... Booya foolz!!!! Now technically I haven't even competed in a 5k this year... but since I ran the first 5k of my 8k under 20 minutes I have no trouble crossing this one off my list... maybe this needs to be revised to sub-19???

2. Break 1:35:00 in a half marathon... I guess I have to run a half marathon first... check back in with me on May 2nd!

3. Break 3:20:00 in the Chicago marathon... see above... check back in with me on 10/11/10...

4. Join the local running group... check that one off my list... plus I got the 10% discount off my shoes to prove it!

5. Donate to charity through running... first race of the year equals first donation... 16 dollars for the 8k, plus 8 more for the PR... although, technically I haven't actually donated the money yet... I'd like to wait till at least my half-marathon is over so that I can donate in a larger chunk

6. hit the track... although I have done some speed work I have yet to hit the track... mostly because my work schedule is 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm and I don't really feel comfortable hanging around at the High School track while school is in session... check back with me come summer

And last but definitely not least...

7. Have loads of fun... Well we're only 1/4 of the way through the year so I can't exactly cross this one off, but so far so good... I've been having the most fun I've had in a long time, not just in running but in life in general! Plus I have a lot of exciting activities lined up for the future... Good riddence to 2009, Hello 2010!!!


Next on the agenda March 2010 stat corner...

This month I decided I'd go ahead and use a picture of myself running instead of a picture of Albert Pujols so I dug up my rookie card from my old high school year book (although I still secretly wish I was Albert Pujols)...

March was definitely a good month with a mileage increase from February's 85 up to 125... also several break through workouts and a couple quality long runs... Hopefully I can continue these trends through April as I slowly approach the beginning of my Marathon training plan.


  1. You have that "puke threshold" look in this picture, it's screams "Bad @ss Runner" I like it.

    Great job picking it up this month and way to hit most of those goals!

  2. Nice Picture man. Now that should be on the cover of RW. Great job on hitting your goals. I am with you on number seven, but I am finding something out with this long distance, if there is fun in pain, then let the games begin brother! I am so psyched up for you with this 2010 year. I know you will divide and conquer. Go get some! later. I know I was a little OD (over dramatic) O well. That's us runners for ya! Take care.

  3. you have ripped arms, so close enough to pujols. problem same 'roids right? :-p

  4. I love these goals. In fact, I didnt realize that we were so similar in speed! If you can run a 135 half marathon, you can certainly run a sub 20 5k. nice work!!