Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shamrock Shuffle in photos

Check it out... my electronic chip time (32:23) is actually SLOWER than the clock time!!! There can only be one logical explanation.... I RAN SO FAST I BENT THE RULES OF SPACE AND TIME!!!!

A Few more photos during and after my run... you best believe i GIMP'd those "proof" stamps right the f*ck out of my pictures... yeah right I'm going to pay 20 bucks for a photo... who's the sucker now!!!

<--- Charging up "Mt Everest"

Too tired for the paparazzi --->

<------ And here's a picture of lil' Paulo... don't be fooled by his stature; the kid is an animal... He ended up running sub-32 minutes!!!! Plus he's even shorter than he looks in this picture... Take note of how his feet are about a foot off the ground while he's in mid stride; that's levitation holmes!!!

UPDATE: Last night I went ahead and e-mailed in the photograph above of me crossing the finish line at 32:20... today I checked my results again...

I gained 4 seconds and 10 places through my "patented virtual e-mail kick"!!! Now, I'm in the top 500!!!! I feel better now, but it makes me wonder... what could my time be if I send in the picture below!!! :)


  1. You are outta control. LMAO!

  2. Fantastic performance - amazing pace. I've had similar experiences with my posted times changing between what I'd seen on the printouts versus what gets listed on the results website. I even had a case where my marathon relay team didn't show up in the results at all for a couple of days. Nice work, congratulations.

  3. Your sense of humor is something else man. That kid rocks man, He will be some body big someday if he keeps at it. I think you should email the picture below. lol. So you are in the top 500. cooool. You are such an inspiration! btw - "great pics" No pun intended or .......hmmmmmmm Take care man.

  4. LOL! LOVED that post! Those are great pictures! Great race!

  5. Belated congrats! That's a rocking finish time and some great photos!