Thursday, March 11, 2010

Too much time... Too little time

Warning: Stream of consciousnessy type post

Lately I've found myself posting on this blog a lot... Pretty much because a) I enjoy it & b) I've had a lot of free time on my hands and screwing around on the internet always seems a lot more appealing than actually attempting to accomplish anything productive.

Got me thinking about some of the elements that actually go into creating a successful blog.

1. You have to be at least marginally interesting (although this is the internet after all so the bar isn't exactly set very high, especially considering that this guy has something like 10 million views on some of his youtube videos).

2. You have to maintain the blog through frequent updates. Otherwise, people will lose interest.

3. You don't want to post too often otherwise you'll over saturate the market and people will lose interest. Also you'll be contributing to "blogger guilt". That's when you're too busy doing "real world" activities to keep up with your own blog or comment on the blogs you follow. Yep, that's a real thing! says so, and it's on the internet so it must be true!!! that got me thinking about "Tivo guilt" ... Yep, that's real too, and even has it's own story. That's when you have a Tivo full of shows and not enough time to watch them.

...which led me to think about how sad we humans are and how we'll never be truly happy...

We can transmit our thoughts to billions of people worldwide, we can watch 1000's of television programs on 100's of channel at anytime we want... and are we satisfied??? No... we're guilty!!!... Hate to be cliche but what would the starving children of Africa say about that?

I say this all in a tongue-in-cheek way but it is funny how easily we begin to take the miracles in our lives for granted (cars that can take us anywhere we want whenever we want, planes that can fly us halfway around the world, even television) and start focusing on the negative (the price of gas, cramped airline seats and flight delays, there's nothing on tv tonight or my screen is only 42 inches 720p and i want a 55 inch 1080p.

Anyway, that's enough about me being a bummer for one day.

I think I'm going to ignore it all for now, enjoy the simple things in life, and go for a run!!! All I'll need to be happy then is the great outdoors, a soothing wind at my back, and the warm sun on my face... of course a wrist mounted GPS device that can pinpoint my location anywhere in the world within 10 feet while recording my heartrate... and BTW, can't they make this thing any smaller?!? IT'S LIKE WEARING A DAMN BRICK ON MY WRIST!!!!!


  1. I started following your blog on my Google Reader a day or two ago, but now I can't remember how I found it - but the part about the GPS is hilarious.

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Seriously... LMAO! Oh how I live with Blogger Guilt constantly! I feel HORRIBLE if I can't comment on everyone who's commented on my blog at least once a week. In fact I have a whole apology planned to all my new followers because I haven't had a chance to check out their pages! FAIL!!!!

    P.S. When WILL they make these damn Garmin's smaller? :)

  3. garmins do need to be smaller... and they outta just put some HR monitor in the watch to check it from your wrist. that strap hurts sometimes!

    i get blogger guilt too sometimes. although i guess not that severely... if i gotta just-read and not-comment then i do. i can't possibly hit everyone when i have 200+ posts waiting in reader for me!


  4. OMG, I just bought the FRED t-shirt man. NOT. You are right on the entertainment value standards being high. Or not really. I dont really have blogger guilt. If I can make it, I make it. Sometimes I might miss a post or 2. Dont take it personal, I don't. Stuff happens, and it's called life. Time to step out of Blogland and into reality mode. lol. Great Post man. Until you have been in another country where people are just happy to be alive it is easy to find yourself complaining about this and that. What is simple to us seems like a luxury to others. Take care man.

  5. Dude, you gave me the BEST advice on my newest post. Thanks! Also, that's not a Garmin we wear, it's a freakin' billboard! Yeah, I'm sure some runner dude or dudette will invent a smaller one that also plays music and can be used as a cell phone. Wait a minute, I think I'm on to something here...Gotta run!